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Bru-Lacomba-Setoain: Shelters and service buildings. Tolls AP-7South


Quaderns #262
code: 26213

The project aims to make each of the toll stations a part of the site, a celebration of advanced technology and also of respect towards the environment and the landscape. The design of the new toll stations is inspired by the stylized image of ACESA highways and its surface elements, which are understood as constructions of folded soil, comparable to the level of paved road, running along lawns or fields, or even to terrain vagues, according to a more natural or suburban context.

The image of ACESA toll stations is widely incorporated into the collective imaginary, unlike other highways in other regions. In the present context, the possession of a brand image is a fact and a critical value.

The project enhances this dual nature, emphasizing all that is technical, as well as all that is natural, preserving a harmonious relationship between them.

The highway actives itself as a communicator of information and guidance for the recognition of a particular landscape, and contributes to the definition of the character and tone of the ACESA highways: Cabin high signals, horizontal and lower plans: pavement colors (teletags -car and truck type-)…

Adress: Autopista AP-7 La Jonquera-Salou

ConsultantsStructural engineering: Martí Cabestany, Mechanical, PDI engineering, Quality surveyor: AT3, slp

Collaborators: M.Cabo, A. Rizescu, M. Rebocho, F. Romaní, M. García

Area: 57.790 m2

Presupuesto: 6.089.490,00€

Fotografía: Adrià Goula

One Response to “Bru-Lacomba-Setoain: Shelters and service buildings. Tolls AP-7South”

  1. M’agrada força i considero un encert d’ACESA haver encarregat a l’Eduard aquesta estructura.

    (Veig que aquesta vegada no ha posat la bandera republicana).


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