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F. X. Pouplana Solé ‘Experimental proposal for a way of living’

Propuesta Experimental

Quaderns #264

At a trade fair —whose function is to confront the supply with the demand—  any contribution far away from the commercialization can only function as a proof aimed to promoting new demands. A contribution of this kind must, therefore, be considered as an experiment designed purposely to cause a certain desire (a supposed need for expression) and measure their social value (extension of the possible demand).

From this approach, our proposal —subsidized by the organizing c ofommittee Hogarotel 10—  was intended as an instrument itself only of causing the release of the ludicrous desires, which we thought is one of the most repressed issues by current domestic equipment —more ‘ representative’ that suited to everyday use—.  And, consequently, it was developed by an unusual atmosphere, but with certain significant references which incited to lead a ludicrous behavior but without suggesting any established social patterns of behaviour.

First published on: ”Anuari de Quaderns 1971-2 nº85 p.126

You can read the PDF here:  Quaderns 1971-2 nº85

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